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Take a look at the many customizable offerings of Beyond Horizons Performance! Start your journey towards psychological wellness today.

Offerings are available for a one-time experience or a long-term partnership. To see a list of our specialized topics, visit the About page.

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Workshops welcome dancers into the mental side of performance through reflective exercises, group discussions and activities. Dancers cultivate an understanding of mental skills and leave with useful tips and strategies that can take their performance to the next level. Each workshop is based on an over-arching theme that is catered towards each group (community, self-care, stress management, confidence, etc.)

1:1 Individual Sessions

Looking to increase confidence or overcome perfectionism? Whether its pre-performance anxiety before an upcoming competition, or career and leadership development, 1:1 sessions grant dancers the freedom to focus on the mental side of their personal performance journey.

Mental Skills & Wellness Blog

Share mental skills and wellness resources with your dancers and families! These materials are designed to be an approachable and informative way to learn about the psychology of dance and dance culture . They also provide an understanding of how mental skills (reflection, self-talk, etc.) can transform the performance experience.

Arts Leadership Training

Instructors, directors and arts leaders alike will enjoy the opportunity to expand their mental framework by learning about various leadership styles, behavioral management strategies, elements of socio-emotional learning, and even self-care. These trainings are a great way to unite faculty and staff in order to respond to the evolution of dance culture.

Rates are dependent upon the frequency, duration and number of individuals. To receive a personalized quote, click here.

Dive into a Partnership with BHP

A BHP Partnership includes a customized combination of offerings, as well as access to office hours, observation hours, scheduled check-in meetings and wellness resources.

Choose at least 2 of the following:
  • Workshops
  • 1:1 Individual Sessions
  • Arts Leadership Training
  • Mental Skills & Wellness Blog
Choose your Frequency:
  • Monthly
  • Bi-weekly
  • Weekly
Choose your Duration:
  • 3-5 months
  • 6-8 months
  • 8-12 months

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