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Through mental performance coaching & tools, you CAN overcome your pre-performance anxiety, tap into your full potential to reach your career goals, & overcome the fear of what others think.

You’ll go from…

  • Questioning your worth and talent
  • Tearing yourself down through comparison and self-sabotage
  • Crumbling under pressure (choking) during audition, performance, rehearsal, casting call, etc.
  • Being burnt out and over-worked


  • Managing pre-performance anxiety symptoms with coping strategies for high pressure environments
  • Gaining a sense of control over your athletic or performance career path & life
  • Having a trusted and knowledgeable support system
  • No longer letting perfectionistic tendencies and people pleasing hold you back from growth opportunities.
  • Gaining an unshakeable confidence, no longer needing external validation and approval.
  • Building positive body-image, and positive self-esteem
  • Avoiding burnout or over-working by creating sustainable work and lifestyle habits and deconstructing the “have to do it all” mentality
  • Progressing toward your goals in a healthy and sustainable manner
  • No longer being held back from overthinking & overwhelm by building new mental habits
  • Escaping the comparison trap & learning how to navigate social interactions/dynamics within the scope of performance (comparison, competition, etc.)

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How can we include your programming within the busy schedules of our performers and staff?

BHP works to integrate programming into the unique schedule of each organization. Many partners have embedded workshops within their competition rehearsal schedule or hold staff workshops virtually. Each partnership may look a little different, and that’s okay! We adapt according to your needs.

Do you provide services for parents?

Yes, parent workshops are available within your customizable program bundle. Parents can also sign-up for BHP’s monthly newsletter for free mental skills tips & strategies to support their performer.

How will I know this program will work for me?

Every program offered through Beyond Horizons Performance is 100% customizable. We start by identifying your goals and intentions and create a plan to work towards them. We leave room for the unexpected things in life and pivot our goals, direction and methods whenever appropriate.

Coaching might be a stretch for my budget…

I hear you! This is a valid concern. When you integrate mental skills training into your performance routine, you are making an investment not just in your immediate growth, but also your long-term growth. The best performers and athletes in the world have coaches & work on their mindset. One question to consider is “What is the cost of continuing to miss out on opportunities due to lack of confidence, clarity, or decisiveness?” Would it be worth it to you to invest in gaining these skills now and be rewarded with more ease and opportunities going forward? Future-you will thank you for putting in the time, energy and money. These are invaluable strategies that will last you a lifetime & enhance your career opportunities. Payment plans are also available.

Our Proud Partners

Hear From the BHP Community!

Take a look at how BHP has impacted their performance experience.
"I loved the 1-1 sessions. They helped me so much with confidence in my classes!"
“Ms.Demi made me laugh and forget all about the fact I was about to go on stage. Ms.Demi gave me so much confidence and my performance was much better. When I got off stage Ms.Demi gave me the biggest hug and I understood that even if I messed up it was okay.”
"Demi is a game-changer. Her expertise and passion for helping individuals reach their full potential truly shines through her coaching style. The workshop was a perfect blend of insightful guidance and practical exercises. Demi has an innate ability to connect with her participants, making everyone feel comfortable and engaged right from the start. Her warm and approachable demeanor created a safe space for us to explore our challenges. If you're seeking a performance coach who not only imparts valuable knowledge but also empowers you to take action, I wholeheartedly recommend Demi.
Karen Arreola
"Working with Demi has been extremely rewarding to me as a performer and human. She has allowed me to understand and recognize my worth and confidence. I am more confident going into auditions and other instances were I would normally feel insecure before."
“It was the best self reflective experience I’ve had as an artist”
"What I loved most about working with Demi was being able to be fully transparent about what I was going through and finding new ways for me to rethink doubts and have a more positive mindset. We did a lot of worksheets that were helpful for when I couldn’t put my thoughts into words. In the short time I was working with Demi I was able to grow in my self confidence and shift my thoughts throughout classes and auditions."
“I am so grateful to be able to work with Demi and Beyond Horizons! Demi has helped me get closer to becoming the player and person I’ve always wanted to be. My identity outside of music feels more whole and complete, which has made such a positive impact on my playing!”
"Demi and Beyond Horizons have taken Intrigue Dance to the next level! Through Demi's studio workshops, our dancers have gained confidence, accountability, and awareness. Through her one-on-ones, Demi has personally helped me become a better studio owner and leader. Having Beyond Horizons as a tool to aid in our team's social and emotional wellness has been very important to our mission to create well-rounded, healthy dancers. Thank you for all you do, Demi!"
Pia Hamilton
Owner, Intrigue Dance
Demi is a great listener and she knows what she is listening for.  Her coaching style uses positive reinforcement.  She compliments you on your strengths, and helps you identify how to strengthen your weaknesses.  Demi also helped me, by putting into perspective the ways others in my circles process my actions.  I felt that Demi could "see me" and empathize with some of my difficulties.  She reinforced the things I am doing that are good, and gave me insight to ponder on how to increase my impact in performance.”
Ray Buffer

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