An Open Letter to the Injured Athlete

For any athlete, injury becomes inevitable. It’s only a matter of time until you experience some type of physical pain or ailment. However, just because it’s expected as a committed athlete, doesn’t necessarily lessen the blow when it actually happens. Experiencing injury is a moment when you’re left to your own devices – sport looks different, your day-to-day looks different, heck – everyday actions (e.g., walking or running) that you took for granted look different. I believe that we don’t talk enough about this struggle – both the mental and the physical. As a performer who has experienced a multitude of both chronic and acute injuries, I know this experience quite intimately. There’s a special place in my heart and in my practice for those who are in that complex and confusing season of life. So, I’ve decided to dedicate this episode to the athletes who need encouragement, or an empathetic ear.

Injured athletes, this one’s for you!

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