Behind the Mic: Mental Insights & Tips for Performers | Hailey Rowe

When in pursuit of a goal, it’s important to remember that the journey to the destination does not have to be a straight path. To illustrate this, I’m bringing the lovely Hailey Rowe as a guest on today’s show, to share what she learned and how she mentally grew on her journey in musical performance.

As a young woman pursuing music, Hailey has had to evolve her strategies and coping mechanisms away from unhealthy habits and into strong mental attitudes. She tells her story, from college to career, and what lessons she picked up along the way that added integrity to her mental health and ultimately led her to be a better performer.

While touching on the power of consistency and confidence in your passion, Hailey also shares her 3 key pieces of advice for performing artists who may also find themselves on a path that looks different than they originally planned.

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