Beyond the Walls of the Gym: Personal Identity, Mental Grit, and Flexibility | Coach Tawns

An athletic career will inevitably change and evolve, just as any other identity would. It’s important to remain flexible in order to fully embrace change. But, change can be scary. There will come a time when you may need to reevaluate your goals, pivot, and look for inspiration in a new direction. It will require resilience in the face of mental and physical limitations. The best way to prepare for this process is to build a strong sense of self that is open to change, and open to the process that will ultimately aid your personal growth journey.

To demonstrate this concept, Coach Tawnya Nguyen shares her evolution from dancer to coach and how an injury ended up being a gift that propelled her forward rather than holding her back. Using her experience, she developed an expertise for helping other athletes prepare and process similar experiences.

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