Managing your Resources: Are you working hard or hardly working?


Are you working hard or hardly working? This is a question I ask myself on a daily basis. It really gets to the point – are you doing what’s productive in helping you reach your goals, or are you aimlessly filling your schedule to seem as though you’re “busy”? This can be tricky to navigate as a performer. We have what I call the “yes syndrome” where we feel inclined to accept every offer or opportunity that comes our way. We were told this was the best way to gain exposure, learn, and find our way in the performance world. It turns out that this mindset, while offered with good intentions, isn’t truly sustainable and helpful as it relates to achieving our overall goals.

Tune in to learn:

The value of your resources – time, money & energy. The problem with the “yes syndrome” in the performance world.  How to do checks & balances on your resources to make sure you’re productively headed towards your goals.