How to Optimize Your Nutrition as an Athlete | Holley Samuel

Join board-certified sports dietitian, Holley Samuel and I in this insightful episode as we delve into the intricacies of nutrition, exploring patterns of hunger, and addressing gaps in our eating habits. Discover the “5 Nutrition Non-Negotiables” that form the foundation for optimal performance, from timing your meals to ensuring a balanced nutrient intake. Holley and I explore the importance of basic nutrition principles before diving into supplements and protein powders, emphasizing the significance of stable blood sugar and proper fueling for workouts. Learn practical tips on overcoming barriers, making time for meals even in a busy schedule, and enhancing mealtime etiquette for better digestion. Plus, uncover the connection between mindset, belief systems, and achieving your health goals. It’s time to embrace a growth mindset for a nourished body and fulfilled potential.

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