Stop Waiting for Praise: 5 Steps to Becoming Your Own Cheerleader

Do you find yourself waiting for coach to compliment you during practice? Or do you crave receiving praise from your teammates, friends, or family members? If your motivation to show up and try your best is dependent on someone noticing your efforts, then there’s a problem! All athletes need to learn how to fuel their own fire – regardless of whether they receive attention or praise. The best way to do this is to become your own cheerleader. When you become your own cheerleader, you learn how to celebrate and savor personal victories. While this process does require significant self-awareness and reflection, I find that it’s far more rewarding than receiving praise from a coach or teammate. Listen to learn 5 mental strategies that will allow you to become your own cheerleader, and therefore less dependent on people’s praise of your success. Let’s get into it!

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