How to Thrive Under Pressure in Sport

Let’s chat about pressure in sports and why it’s not the villain everyone makes it out to be. Spoiler alert: we can totally use it to our advantage! It’s time to learn how to handle pressure like a pro and actually come out on top. Ever hear athletes saying they kill it in practice but flop under pressure? Yeah, we’ve all been there. But guess what? It’s not about lacking skills; it’s a mind game. High-stakes situations don’t have to be a stumbling block, they can be stepping stones to your peak performance. Discover how to create low-stakes, high-pressure situations in your training, mimicking the conditions that challenge you. We’re breaking down mental blocks, doubts, and all those hidden issues we tend to ignore. Grab a journal, take some notes after a big game, and let’s figure out how to level up our mental game. You’ve got this!

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