Navigating Perfectionism, Pressure & Purpose in College Sport | Ellie Buzzelle

Join Ellie Buzzelle and I as we take an intimate look at collegiate sports from a mental performance lens. Ellie shares her experience in transitioning from high school to college sports and the nuances of its culture, community, and lifestyle. We discuss how to manage the pressures of being a high-achiever athlete and dive into topics of self-doubt and questioning your purpose and value. Ellie teaches the importance of taking a step back and reflecting to act in alignment with your values, goals, and ideals. In her mental performance journey, Ellie was able to develop a holistic identity – one that encompasses her love for sport and so much more. She shares that she is more than just her uniform and that her purpose extends so much deeper than wins and losses. Ellie’s transformation serves as a testament to other collegiate athletes struggling with intense pressures, perfectionistic standards, and low self-esteem.

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