Top 3 Myths Performers Say to Avoid Rest



Ever told yourself, “I just wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I took a break from performing/training…” This might seem like a harmless statement. I mean, after all, it shows your dedication and commitment, right? Yes, AND there’s an abundance of benefits to be discovered when you do decide to step away for a bit. This does not mean you’ll have to make up for lost time and it does not mean that you’ll lose the progress you’ve achieved. You’ll actually find a renewed sense of enthusiasm and increased motivation after taking a break and prioritizing rest.

Tune in to learn:

How rest can be productive for your career and growth. The impact of prioritizing rest/breaks on your overall identity.  How to re-align with other hobbies and parts of your identity during your off-season.  The problem with media messaging and how it’s influencing your thoughts and behavior.